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Iphone or android?

In a nutshell what I said about “digitalia” is “open source is better”, and this is why I prefer Android devices to the Iphone ones. Because Android smartphones can be “rooted”, so that you can take control of them, and install open source apps. And, even on a no-rooted android device you can install open source apps, and remove many other closed source ones.

The iPhones are more comfortable to use, but apart from being considerably more expensive, they are a golden cage. And I don't want to be in a cage, but I want to know what my smartphone does and be able to decide what it should or not should do.

Open-souce apps

Android smartphone have the big problem of a heavy presence of Google, owner of Android system. Google is not the devil, but his control over your smartphone, which means a control over your daily life, including sensible data, is quite annoying.

To avoid this, someone thinks to wholly “de-googlify” android smartphones: after rooting them, installing a new operating system, such as Lineage or Murena.

But not always this is possible, and in many cases it is not safe, therefore at least you should avoid as much as possible the Google control over your smartphone, removing as much as possible Google apps and installing instead open source apps.

The main repo of open-source apps is F-Droid. There you can find a lot of (almost) any kind of apps for your Android device. I said “almost”: not i.g. the banking apps, or the “istitutional” ones.

The must-have apps

to connect smartphone and PC


KDE-connect is a simple, but effective way to connect smartphone and PC. It's an app both for Android and PC (Linux, Windows and something even for Mac).

With KDE-connect you can

to synchronize PC and smartphone

You can share any data from your PC and your smartphone, i.g. contacts, calendar, tasks, and files.

There are many ways to do it. One is to get a free e-mail account with Murena, including calendar, tasks and a cloud. And you will be able to sync your contacts, calendar and tasks (and files) between Pc and smartphone, using i.g. Nextcloud app on your device and DAVx

other apps

The world of apps is ever changing, so I prefer speak of particular apps on the blog.

Here we can remember what features should have the main apps