link from outside to a part of a file


It is possible to link a page of a pdf, with the following syntax:


or, if the file is within your localhost folder



It is possible to link to a given location of an epub file, i.g. with calibre viewer, with a code like the following


You can get the string after open_at (in the above case: epubcfi(/10/2/4/2/132/18/1:65) in the calibre viewer, this way:

  • right click
  • -> go to
  • -> location
  • -> current location (above in the window) : copy

video file

with VLC you can use this code

vlc file:///my-path/my-video.mp4 --start-time=90

where ’90’ are the seconds (after the start of video).

I didn’t manage, so far, to open a video with such a code from a browser.

audio file

You ca do it in several ways. With play (sox) in Linux you can use a code setting not only the start time, but the end one as well:

play '/your-path/your-file.ogg' trim 5:18 =7:01

where 5:18 is the start time, and 7:01 the end one (=7.01 and not = 7:01)

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