update remote wordpress from localhost

Migrate DB is a good tool, even in its free version. You can follow these steps:

  • create a database in remote and import there the local wordpress database, changing some data with Migrate DB (tipically you have to convert the local server path https://localhost/your-local-path/wordpress to //your-remote-path/wordpress, and the local absolute path (such as /mnt/your-PC-path/wordpress) to the remote absolute path (such as https://your-remote-path/wordpress);
  • upload the local wordpress folder to your remote website, via FTP;
  • change in the uploaded folder the wp-config.php file, according to the db user, db name and db server of the remote wordpres database;
  • go to the remote wordpress, login (user and password are identical to the your local wordpress ones), and go to Migrate DB -> settings, and there -> generate/reset API key, copy the 32 char key and paste it in the local Migrate DB push box.
  • So your connection should work, syncing the remote database with the local one.

A problem could arise using Wordfence Security: to update with MigrateDB, you could have to disable temporarliy Wordfence.

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