import an external table to a mysql table

  • You can use a graphical interface to prepare the rows to insert in mysql table: be careful that a) the number of columns be matching with the mysql table rows number and b) the order of columns be the same.
  • Save your date as csv: in this way you will be able to make further modifications to your data: i.g. you could add new ,NULL,columns (because in librecalc if a column is empty at the end of a file that column is not added).
  • Be very careful with comma (,) within the columns, if you import the table in mysql with comma as column separator. You should avoid commas within a column, if you use commas as separator.
  • In phpmyadmin import your csv file as a new table. As and of line you can set \n if yout line ends with something like “NULL”. Otherwise, if you rows ends with “NULL”, you will get an undesired column at the end of teh impoorted table.
  • Don’t worry if the columns type doesn’t match with the destination mysql table: this is negligible.
  • In sql do this command:

INTO your_destination_table
FROM the_new_data_table-from-csv;

  • Using insert IGNORE you can avoid to delete the ID beginning column, if it is simply an autoincrement one.
  • Your new rows should have been added to your destination table: done!

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