Regex for first lowercase letter

If you have en ebook that split badly a paragraph, you can try (to merge the bad splitted paragraph), as find


so that a paragraph beginning with a lowercase word be merged with the previous one.

But in Calibre editor you must check “case sensitive”, otherwise [a-z] will be read as [A-Z], and all first letters (lower and upper case) will be selected.

And as replace you could try


In this way you keep whatever letter is found with ([a-z]) in the result.

Regex for “space”

It can happen that you want replace a double space before <p>: use the \s. I.g. to replace



You should use this find: ,</p>\n\n\s\s</p>

Regex replace tags around digits

If you would replace all <p>[some digits, such as "10", or "23", or "348"]</p>, you could use this regex code:

search: <p>(.*?\d{2})</p>

replace: <h6>\1</h6>

Indeed (.*?) is whatever, and (.*?\d{2}) is whatever number (with more than two digits).

Html emojis

Here you can find a complete set of available emojis to use in your website.

You can have an image from a simple html code, like this:

📆 🌤

To add an emoji via css, you have to set something like

.book:before {
  content: "\01F4D5";

kdesu problems with kubuntu 22.04

In Kubuntu 22.04 it could be impossible to start programs such as kubuntu from kde menu while with terminal (command sudo krusader) it will remain possible.

To fix this bug (due to the lack of kdesu in kubuntu 22.04), you can use (in kde menu):


System not starting after upgrading to Ubuntu 22.04

After upgrading Ubuntu from 20.04 to 22.04 it can happen that you cannot start the desktop: emergency mode.

In some case it could be happened that fstab was modified and the efi partition is set with a wrong UUID. Therefore you can try to change, in your fstab file, the efi UUID (i.g. copying it from a working installation).

old windows releases in virtualbox

It is possible to virtualize old windows releases, such as windows 3.1, windows 98 (download here), or windows ME and the like.

But there are severe limitations: your host keyboard and mouse will be unavailable, and no link will be possible between the host and the guest system.

The reason is that in that old systems you cannot install the virtualbox guest additions.